Vacuum Cleaners: Reading Up On Reviews

The last time I set out to find a vacuum cleaner that could tackle all of my heavy wool rug cleaning in the home, I decided to take the time to read some consumer reviews first. My last vacuum was a lightweight, dinky vacuum that could not handle all of the lint that came off of my wool rugs. The vacuum was marketed as light weight so I knew it would be easier for me to handle it. It did not however, have the power or the suction to handle the shedding of all the wool.

This time I knew I needed to spend some time reading reviews of heavier duty vacuums so I could really be sure that it would stand up to my carpets. I found a website that stocked some great heavy duty vacuums, and I was prompted to click here for reviews. I then scrolled and read through the reviews to see what other customers had to say about their use with the vacuum.

On one particular vacuum style there were many users who said that the suction tube of the vacuum was wider than the average vacuum. It had a wider opening where the vacuum tube met the vacuum bag so people were excited that their carpet lint did not get stuck at the opening. That’s when I knew it was going to be the right vacuum for me, and that it was designed to handle such wool carpets as the ones in my house.

Graphic Design was the Right Choice for Me

Changing career paths was not an easy choice for me. I had been working in the same office for years and always thought that working there was basically it for me. Whatever growth I had in that small company would be about all I was ever going to get, and this is what got me into thinking that going to graphics design schools in Florida would be a better option altogether. The graphic design field is one that is constantly growing and expanding, and it was definitely something I knew was going to be right for me and my ever-changing job needs.

When I first began pursuing a career in graphic design, I wanted to know what the job was going to be like, how easy it was to find a job in the field and the different types of graphic design schools in Georgia available in the area. It was pretty easy to see as I began to do research that the graphic design industry is one that is constantly growing in size. Graphic designers are needed for virtually any type of project, and it was something I knew I would also have a ton of fun with as well.

Finding local graphics design schools in California allowed me to move back home and begin going to school to start on this important career. It was a step in the right direction for me and it allowed me to begin growing as a person and also income-wise. I knew that working in this particular field would allow me to make the money I only ever dreamed I could make, but it became more of a reality when I began going to school and listening to some of the other students talk about new jobs that they were getting or would be getting.

Since I began going to school for graphic design in order to obtain a degree, it has been something that I have continually suggested to people who are literally stuck in their careers. I think that reading up on the Detail Occupational Guide and learning more about graphic design can help anyone who truly wants to change career paths and do something that is better for themselves and their families. It is never a good idea to get stuck in a job just for convenience’s sake, and this is why I made the choice to switch and begin going to school.

Building a Dream of Gold

After years of doing my sisters and friends hair, it is time to bring my skills to the next level! I am talking about getting my degree in cosmetology. I am literally dying to have my own shop or even a booth for the time being. I honestly don’t feel like I need much schooling, but I am in hopes that I will learn more than I already do when I am there. I am excited to meet new ladies that have the same dream as well Maybe they will actually understand my dream unlike everyone in my family. Literally, everyone. No one believes I can accomplish this but I know in my heart that I will have no troubles what so ever with finishing this degree.

People do not get that if you are doing something you love, it is not hard at all. Every time I find my hands getting tired I remember what I am working towards and they slowly start coming back to life. I do not find cosmetology being hard at all as I love every little thing about it. Especially creating new nail designs. My favorite thing to do as a child was paint nails and add in beads of all kinds and crazy neon colors. I found an artistic side at a very early age and it has taken this long to figure out that I need to share this side of me with the world.

I want to have hundreds of clients that will not go anywhere but to my shop and I want pictures of my business on the front page of papers. I have all these huge goals that need to come alive but first I need to get my degree! No matter what I am going to keep planning my shop all while I am studying to become a cosmetologist. I don’t really consider it getting ahead of myself. I more or less think of it as getting prepared for the future. Once this course is over I want to have the layout of my shop ready as well as have all the products picked out that I am going to be using in my very own booth.

I know once work actually picks up after my degree is obtained I will be able to buy nice things for the shop and my new found income will be just high enough to do so. If for some reason nothing goes as planned I will just pick up and try again. Nothing is going to stop me from running a successful hair and nails shop. I am a very strong willed woman and will literally give up for nothing. I plan on talking with my teacher to ensure myself that these goals are not out of reach. I also want tips and even a success story from them. It is just nice to know that people have succeeded when they started from the very bottom. The way I look at is if someone else can do it, than there is no reason why I cannot do it and go even further than imagined.

Don’t Make Excuses for not Getting an Education


I’m too old to go back to school. I don’t have the time to go back to school. I can’t afford to go back to school. These are all of the excuses that I have been using over the last few years to tell myself that going back to school to further my education was not for me.

I did a pretty good job up until about 6 months ago of convincing myself that going back to college was a waste of time. Then it happened. I had just finished working a 12 hour shift with my construction job and on my way thru the door I noticed a huge pile of bills on the counter. I started sifting thru the pile and realized that most of them were overdue. I realized that my wife and I were giving up things like cable and internet just to make ends meet. It was in that moment that it hit me. I had to make a change. I had to do something so that I could give my family the life they deserved. All of the sudden going back to school to get an education did not seem like a farfetched idea. It was something I had to do. It was something I wanted to do!

I made an appointment with my local college to speak with an advisor to see what my options were. It turns out that this was the best decision that I have ever made. I am going back to school to get a degree in Criminal Justice. I was worried that I would have to quit my job to further my education, but to my surprise the school was very flexible in offering night time and weekend classes. I was also worried that as an older student (I’m 45 years old); I would not be able to keep up with a younger student population. Much to my amazement, I found out that the average age of the adult students was 35. All of the excuses that I had been using over the years seemed kind of trivial thinking back on it.

My future outlook career wise is extremely bright. When I graduate and start working in my chosen career field, I will more than double my income. I will have access to family health insurance and other medical benefits. Most importantly, I will be able to provide the quality of life that my family deserves. Getting an education has given me confidence and a sense of independence that I have never had before. I feel like I am in control of my own destiny for the first time in a long time.

If you were like me working at a dead end job, struggling to make ends meet, and not knowing how to make a better future for yourself and your family; I encourage you to take the first step in making a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Make an appointment with your local college or even an online school. My only regret is that I did not go back to school sooner. Don’t make excuses like I did, do it today. You owe it to yourself!

Even a Belated College Experience is Worth It


At forty years of age I decided to go back to school and I haven’t regretted one minute of it. While I have long considered myself self-educated in a number of areas of interest, getting a degree will afford me more authority in my chosen field and much greater earning opportunity.

I’ve worked fast food, waitressing and retail until eventually making my way into administrative office jobs. But those jobs are more competitive now than they were even ten years ago and they ask for a degree – any degree – to consider your résumé for many positions. I have been lucking out thus far, making my way through on the basis of friendships, great references and a solid level of up-to-date knowledge. Then last year I lost my job of almost six years. There was nowhere in the agency for me to move up into because I didn’t have the required degrees and I was at the top of the salary range for my position where I would never see another raise. The non-profit I had been so devoted to realized what my previous employer had: they could hire someone fresh at a much lower pay rate but who also had a degree and could move up in the agency over the years. And that’s exactly what they did, leaving me unemployed, and without any kind of degree, unemployable.

After applying all over and being told repeatedly that I didn’t “meet the qualifications” because I didn’t have any kind of degree, I realized that it was time to admit the truth to myself: You need a degree to get anywhere in this world. The value of a degree isn’t only in the education you receive, but also in what it represents of your character that you worked hard, were self-disciplined and had staying power to get it. I decided it was time.

I did some research first, because I did not want to waste four or more years studying something for the sole purpose of qualifying for just any job. I wanted to study something I would actually enjoy and that would open up new career opportunities for me. I chose Art History because I love both art and history and the degree will offer me many possible career paths. I enrolled in a local design college and was concerned that I may not get in, but not only was I accepted but I was offered enough financial aid to pay my entire first semester and pay my living expenses for the semester so I could take my time looking for work. By the time I was half way through my first semester, I had started looking at graduate schools and programs around the country because I know a four year degree will make a huge difference but I want even more career opportunities.

I have met all of the professors in my department and am already building relationships that will be helpful to my career going forward. I’m still excited every day going to classes and look forward to my future.